How to treat osteochondrosis at home

Osteochondrosis is a disorder of articular cartilage. Most often, this disease affects the intervertebral discs.

osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

Depending on the localization zone, the following differ:

  • cervical,
  • chest,
  • lumbar osteochondrosis.

Cervical osteochondrosis is more common, because the neck joints are the most mobile.

80 percent of the world's population is familiar with back pain. Walking upright is thought to be the main cause of the disease. A person got this disease when he was standing on two limbs. The main problem is the uneven distribution of the load on the spine. In places where physical activity is excessive, the structure of the articular cartilage gradually changes.

Before treating a disease, you need to get to know it better

In this disease, so-called salt deposition (deposition of calcium compounds) occurs. It occurs due to the curvature of the spine or the reduction of the distance between the vertebrae, as well as when the blood supply to the joints is disturbed. The reasons for the development of this disease can be factors such as excess weight, joint injuries and bruises, heavy loads on the joints, as well as other joint diseases and a number of other factors.

A little theory

We discuss the causes and signs of osteochondrosis in other articles; here we also collect treatment methods that you can apply yourself. It is worth noting that treatment at home can only be an auxiliary method, but not the main one. For the most effective and safest treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Only a specialist can determine the causes of the disease, as well as prescribe the safest and most effective method of treatment.

There are a number of non-drug treatment methods, such as acupuncture, leech treatment, back exercises, massages, poultices, tinctures, diet, exercise.


  • pain in the spine
  • pains, numbness, cold limbs
  • possible dizziness, until loss of consciousness

It follows from the above that the main way to fight against osteochondrosis, as well as a preventive measure, is gymnastics. The exercises allow you to evenly develop and strengthen the muscles to avoid uneven stress on the joints.

The main remedy for osteochondrosis is physical education.

Immobility destroys the spine. Medicines only alleviate the symptoms of osteochondrosis and relieve pain. Only physical exercise can fully restore the joints and spine.Exercises that can be done with osteochondrosis:

  • inclines,
  • turns,
  • twisting,
  • rocking on his back,
  • clutching his knees with his hands.
  • Exercises for stretching the spine are of great importance: hanging on the bar, gymnastics from the yoga arsenal,
  • exercises that develop the muscles that support the spine: pull-ups, push-ups, exercise machines.

What exercises can not be done with osteochondrosis.

  • If you have acute pain in the lumbar spine, you should not do twisting exercises.
  • Jumping and fast running are undesirable, it is better to practice walking, swimming, skiing and cycling.
  • Note that some doctorsCircular movements of the head are not recommendedwith cervical osteochondrosis.

Unlike drugs that quickly alleviate the symptoms of the disease, but do not improve the condition of the spine, gymnastics requires self-discipline and willpower, because exercising 2-3 times a month will not get rid of osteochondrosis.Exercises for osteochondrosis should be done every day.There is a wonderful complex of Academician Amosov - 1000 movements, which only takes 15 minutes a day, wonderful achievements of Dr. Bubnovski, who in his center treats all diseases of the joints in any degree of neglect with exercises.

Gymnastics for cervical osteochondrosis.

The exercises are simple and familiar to everyone:

  • Exercise 1.Nodding head up and down (20-40 times)
  • Exercise 2.Tilts head left and right (20-60 times)
  • Exercise 3.Turning the head left and right (20-40 times)
  • Exercise 4.Circular movements of the head left and right (40 times)
  • Exercise 5.Sit on the floor, bend your knees in front of you, put your forehead on your knees and freeze for 20-50 seconds. This exercise stretches the spine well in the neck area and is a good prevention of osteochondrosis.

How we managed to cure osteochondrosis with physical exercises. A man fell ill at the age of 40, massages and rubbing did not help him much and he decided to go to the hospital to treat his spine. There they gave him injections, massage, physical procedures, and then sent him to the regional center, where he was prescribed baths and extracts. As a result of the treatment, after 4 months, he was discharged home on a stretcher: the spine was completely curved, one leg was 7 cm longer than the other, the muscles on this leg were completely atrophied, hellish pain appeared. I received the disability of the 2nd group. A man in line said that the spine can be restored by fulfilling two conditions:

  1. build a muscle corset around it,
  2. stretch the spine so that the discs snap into place.

The man made a simulator: he removed the door, covered it with a blanket and placed it at an angle. I made loops at the top of the board to secure the arms under the arms. I also stretched polyethylene in the upper part, to which my bare back stuck when stretching. I hung in these loops as long as possible, stretching my spine. Through excruciating pain, I did gymnastics, worked out the muscles of my swollen leg with the help of an elastic bandage and did abdominal exercises. Soon he started moving around the apartment on crutches, then with a cane, so he abandoned that as well. But he continued to do exercises and gymnastics for another year. His disability was soon removed. Now he lives a full life.

Here are some simple exercises that are useful for osteochondrosis.

  • Exercise no. 1.Stand with your back against the wall, press the back of your head, shoulder blades, buttocks and heels against the wall. The whole body except the abdominal muscles is relaxed. Stay in this position as long as possible. Add 5 seconds every day. The goal is 5 minutes.
  • Exercise no. 2.Lie on your back, stretch your legs. Pull one sock away from you, the other towards you, then with both socks, then spread them apart and bring them together.
  • Exercise no. 3.Lie on your back, hands at your sides or behind your head, bend your knees. Bend the knees to the right, the head to the left, fix this position for 30 seconds, then the knees to the left, the head to the right.
  • Exercise no. 4.Lie on your back, bend your knees. Release and lift your pelvis, resting on your feet and shoulder blades.
  • Exercise no. 5.Lying on your side, swing your straight leg back and forth.
  • Exercise no. 6.Get on all fours. Bend and arch your back
  • Exercise no. 7.Lie on your back, bend your knees. Pull the right knee towards the left elbow, the left knee towards the right elbow.

With osteochondrosis, all kinds of hanging, stretching lying on the stomach and back with the limbs raised and the head off the floor are very useful.

How to relieve pain from osteochondrosis at home.

  • This medicine helps relieve back pain for several months. Treatment of osteochondrosis is scheduled for 12 days. Before the treatment, two mixtures should be prepared:Recipe 1:50 g of camphor alcohol, 50 g of vodka, 50 g of dry mustard and 3 egg whites - whisk and leave overnight.Recipe 2:Mix 50 g of aloe juice, 100 g of honey, 150 g of vodka. Make linings from mixture no. 1 twice a day (or simply massage the spine) for three days. Then, for three days, make poultices from mixture no. Then use mixture no. 1 for three days and mixture no. 2 three days. After such treatment, osteochondrosis recedes for a long time.
  • Here is a recipe that relieves pain very quickly, but the effect lasts only a few days: mix 300 g of raw grated potatoes and 1 tbsp. l. honey, apply to the spine, remove the film and a warm cloth, keep the compress for 1 hour.
  • Rub for osteochondrosis and joint pain. The woman fell ill at the age of 35. A friend suggested a way to overcome the disease using folk remedies. You should mix triple cologne, valerian tincture, half a bottle of iodine and 6 tablets of analgin. Mix everything and leave for 5 days. Rub the mixture on the affected area until it is absorbed. Then cover with a flannel cloth and secure with a warm scarf overnight. 7 procedures were enough for the woman to forget about her back pain forever, even though 25 years have already passed. Oda gave this recipe to a friend who had joint pain. This folk remedy also helped her.
  • Grandma's rub. Another similar recipe for osteochondrosis and joint pain is "grandmother's rub": 300 g of alcohol, 10 ml of camphor alcohol, 10 ml of iodine, 10 tablets of analgin - mix and infuse. Rub the sore spots. In two days, all the pain in the woman's spine disappeared. Another woman, using this recipe in 4 procedures, cured osteochondrosis, which she could not cure with other means.

These folk remedies for the treatment of osteochondrosis give quick results.

  • Home treatment with bottle massage. Fill a 1. 5 liter plastic bottle with warm water, place it on the floor, lie on the bottle with your back and roll it on the floor. 10-15 minutes a day is enough for osteochondrosis to disappear forever. But in order to prevent the disease from returning, this exercise must be continued.
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis with a saline compress. The man had pain in his shoulders and spine. Ointment and rubbing did not help. In five procedures, one simple folk remedy helped to cure osteochondrosis. You need to take 1 kg of salt, preferably coarsely ground, mix it with 3 tbsp. l. of dry mustard, add 100 g of water, mix and heat this paste to 50 degrees with constant stirring. Apply the mixture to the painful area, cover it with an oily cloth or polyethylene, and put a warm scarf on top. Lie down until it cools, then remove the mixture, wipe the body with a damp cloth, then dry and lie in a warm place for another 2 hours. 5 procedures were enough for that man and the pain in his spine disappeared.
  • Home treatment with bath and honey. The woman had cervical osteochondrosis and lost her arms. She was recommended a treatment that helped her within a month - she should visit the bathhouse 1-2 times a week, rub her neck and hands with honey in the steam bath, sit in the steam bath for 5-10 minutes. Then go to the dressing room, wrap yourself in a warm sheet and drink tea, sweating. Make three such passes. At home, you just lie under the blanket and sweat.
  • Fast traditional heating treatment method. A 30-year-old man suffered from severe back pain and could not bend down or sit. The old men at the entrance gave him the following recipe: knead thin rye dough with yeast, let it rise and fall. Place the gauze on the back, cover the gauze with a 5-6 mm layer of dough. Place a fist-sized piece of tow on the dough, light it and turn it over the dough with a fork, heating the spine evenly. That man had neither rye flour nor tow, so he heated the stove and sat with his back to the coals, blazing with heat, patiently warming his back as much as possible. After two procedures, osteochondrosis of the spine left him forever.
  • Cervical osteochondrosis - traditional treatment with honey massage. The woman could not turn her head, the pain spread to her shoulder and left arm, she could not even move it. The doctor prescribed injections and physical therapy, but nothing helped. Then, on the advice of a neighbor, the woman tried to treat herself with folk remedies, that is, massage with honey. Before the procedure, she warmed her arm, shoulder and neck under a jet of warm water for 10-15 minutes, then dried quickly and applied honey. She rubbed honey on her neck, collarbone, arm and shoulder. Then she made a honey massage: she pressed the palm and sharply tore it away from the skin. I massaged until my palm stopped sticking to the skin. Then she applied compression paper, gauze and a warm scarf to those areas and went to bed. I washed off the honey in the morning. After two procedures, the pain disappeared. Soon she was able to completely get rid of the pain.
  • Traditional method of treatment with cold water A woman managed to cure osteochondrosis of the spinal column by taking a cold bath: she filled the tub with tap water and lay in it for 30 seconds. In winter, she did this procedure once a day, and in summer - twice.
  • Turpentine in the treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies. The woman used a folk recipe found in a newspaper. It is necessary to knead a dough of 70-100 g of yeast, 500 g of water and rye flour, not very thick. Keep it for 7 days in a cool place, constantly kneading it. Before going to bed, drink a glass of hot milk with 1 tsp. of soda, then apply 1 teaspoon to the painful spine three times. turpentine, rubbing it into the skin. Spread the dough on cheesecloth, apply to the spine, cellophane, cheesecloth and a towel. Lie down for 40-60 minutes, then remove the compress. Repeat the treatment after 7 days. You can use the same dough for the treatment. After such folk treatment, 25 years have passed, and the woman's spine still does not hurt.

Effective folk remedies for the treatment of osteochondrosis, recipes from newspapers.

  • How to treat osteochondrosis at home with Indian onion. You can quickly relieve pain with the houseplant, Indian onion. To do this, take a piece of leaf 10-15 cm long, chop it very finely and rub the painful places with this mass. It will burn, but it will soon pass along with the pain in the spine.
  • Traditional parsley treatment. A man suddenly developed severe pain in his spine. The reagent showed salt deposits - on the image they looked like layers of transparent needles between the vertebrae. The doctor prescribed him various medicines, but on the way to the pharmacy, the patient met a friend who advised him to treat his spine with folk remedies, i. e. parsley. The man ate parsley three times a day for a whole month, and the pain in his spine gradually disappeared. He is now 90 years old, but after that parsley treatment, his spine never hurt.
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis at home with horseradish. Horseradish quickly removes salts from the spine. Before going to bed, fresh horseradish leaves are dipped in boiling water, cooled a little and pressed on the spine, followed by polyethylene and a scarf. In the morning, remove the compress; a white coating may remain on the skin - this is the release of salt. It is necessary to carry out 10 such procedures. It is recommended to combine this folk remedy for the treatment of osteochondrosis with cleaning the joints with rice.
  • How to treat cervical osteochondrosis with petroleum. A man developed pain in the cervical spine, the pain did not go away day and night, and then he decided to treat cervical osteochondrosis with folk remedies. I made a tincture from the stems and roots of the five-toed. I took 1 tablespoon of tincture. l. three times a day. I did not notice any side effects and decided to add kerosene tea to the treatment. After a month of this treatment, the weight and pain in the spine disappeared.Sabelnik tincture: Pour 200 g of fennel root and 100 g of fennel root or elecampane into a three-liter jar, add vodka, leave in the dark for 21 days. Take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day before meals. After 30 days of treatment – 10 days break. For complete success it is necessary to drink all three liters of tincture. Rub painful joints with ointment prepared from the same rhizomes: 200 g of cinquefoil, 50 g of galangal, 50 g of elecampane - finely chop the dry rhizomes into powder, heat together with 1 kg of vegetable oil or fat.
  • Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies. The woman had pain in her knee joints, the treatment lasted for a year, but the condition only worsened. It was worse to the point where she could barely move. I suffered from pain in my hip joints and lower back, and blanket ulcers. Diagnosis: osteochondrosis, deforming arthrosis of the hip joints with bone growths of the 2nd degree. It was a terrible depression, I wanted to die. But a neighbor brought a "Bulletin on a healthy lifestyle", and the patient decided to fight for her health. I began to use various folk remedies: stretching on an inclined board, burdock root tincture, rosehip decoction, rubbing bischofite and fir oil into the spineand joints. As a result, she was able to get out of her wheelchair, now she walks 5 km every day and climbs to the fifth floor.

It is known that in order to get rid of osteochondrosis, it is important to constantly attend physiotherapy, massage, physical therapy and reflexology without interruption. Only complex methods and regular therapy can cure damage to the intervertebral cartilage and return the patient to a full, active life.

But how to combine daily procedures, which can take several hours, with regular household chores and work? In order to save time and money, osteochondrosis is treated at home.

Folk remedies for osteochondrosis are based on the same principles that suggest medical methods. This improves circulation and trophism in the intervertebral cartilage, stimulates the outflow of stagnant blood, eliminates pinched nerves and blood vessels in the affected area, and promotes tissue regeneration.

To cure osteochondrosis, use the following recipes of traditional medicine:

  • Internal intake of decoctions and tinctures.
  • Medicinal herbs for external use: rubs, ointments, poultices and baths.
  • Self massage.
  • Therapeutic exercises.
  • Physiotherapy procedures at home.


Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies includes the mandatory use of warm compresses. They are applied to any part of the spine, helping to eliminate blood stagnation.

To prepare poultices, use radish juice, raw potatoes, celery root or birch leaves. The ingredients are mashed into a mushy state and then mixed with heated honey. When applying the product to the affected part of the spine, it is covered with cellophane and wrapped in wool to retain heat.

Recipes for osteochondrosis based on mustard are also used as compresses. To do this, mix it with whipped egg whites and add two glasses of vodka. Since this product has a pronounced irritating effect, it is advised to lubricate the skin with any oil before application in order to avoid burns.

Wraps with aloe, honey and vodka are softer. They can even be used for skin diseases.

Self massage

The method of self-massage at home allows you to relieve muscle spasms, pain and normalize blood flow. It is especially effective in cervical spine osteochondrosis.

It uses the same techniques as for professional massage. First, moves are made from top to bottom. They can be performed simultaneously with both hands or alternately for each side of the neck. Then they begin to rub to warm and soften the muscles of the cervical spine. They are performed flat or with the edge of the palm until a feeling of warmth appears.

After you have warmed the neck, knead it by grasping the skin with your fingers and releasing it. It is convenient to perform such pinching with the opposite hand for each side. The purpose of this technique is to remove pinched nerve roots, relieve pain and normalize neck movement.

The advantage of this folk remedy is the possibility of using it not only at home, but also at work when you feel neck muscle fatigue. The same techniques can be used for the lower back, only in a standing position.

In addition to hands, it is convenient to use improvised means, such as a rolling pin, for self-massage at home. It is usually used for the lumbar spine. At the same time, lying on their backs, they try to turn the rolling pin up and down, rolling over it. It is even better to have a special massager with infrared rays, which simultaneously heats and kneads the tissues, but also relieves cramps.

Types of treatment of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

One of the most common. Sedentary work (driving, using a computer) leads to the development of the disease. Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis include dizziness, headache, numbness of the tongue, pain in the chest, arms and darkening of the eyes. Blood pressure may rise.

Osteochondrosis of the thoracic region

Part of the thoracic spine is rarely affected. No acute pain. A person feels painful pains in the spine, a feeling that insects are crawling on the chest, pain in the heart. But sometimes similar symptoms can be observed in heart attacks, angina, ulcers and gastritis. In osteochondrosis, the ECG readings are normal, but in an impending heart attack, they are different. This is the difference between diseases, even with similar symptoms.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral region

Since the biggest and most basic load lies on the back, osteochondrosis of the lumbar part is one of the frequent forms of the disease. If the disease is not treated in time, a hernia may appear. Back pain (lower back) occurs more often in autumn and spring, mostly at night. The person feels shooting pain in the back, pain in the legs and numbness in the limbs. The pain usually radiates to the buttocks, heels, below the knees and calves. If the sciatic nerve is pinched, the person tries not to lean towards the affected side. Lumbar osteochondrosis brings many problems to a person.

Injections for osteochondrosis.

  1. Anti-inflammatory.
  2. General strengthening.
  3. Painkillers.
  4. Blockade.


  • injuries and congenital defects of the spine;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • metabolic disorders, obesity;
  • infectious diseases;
  • aging of the body;
  • constant overloading of the spine due to sports or heavy physical work;
  • exposure to chemicals;
  • constant vibrations, for example, from truck drivers or agricultural machinery drivers;
  • flat feet;
  • posture disorders.


Lumbar osteochondrosis:

  • constant pain or acute pain in the lower back;
  • pain increases with physical activity or movement;
  • pain can radiate to the sacrum, legs, pelvic organs;
  • loss of feeling in the legs;
  • Often the person cannot turn or bend down. He keeps the same position in which he feels the least pain.

Cervical region:

  • headaches that worsen when moving and do not go away after analgesics;
  • dizziness when suddenly turning the head;
  • pain in arms, shoulders and chest;
  • "floating" and colored spots before the eyes;
  • deterioration of vision and hearing, "ringing" in the ears;
  • occasionally numbness of the tongue, change of voice.


  • pain in the chest and between the shoulder blades, when raising the arm, bending;
  • the pain is felt more at night, during hypothermia, turning or heavy physical activity;
  • painful sensations intensify with deep inhalation and exhalation;
  • numbness of certain areas of the skin, "clumsy skin";
  • itching, burning, cold feeling in the legs;
  • attack of pain between the ribs while walking;
  • sensation as if the chest were tightened with a hoop.

Treatment of osteochondrosis at home

Gymnastics and exercises for osteochondrosis

For the effect of gymnastics to be effective, it must be performed daily.

  • The head should be tilted forward, the fingers should be crossed and the crossed hands should be pressed on the neck area. Stay in this position for 30 seconds.
  • Make circular movements with your head. In this case, the tips of the fingers should be in the middle of the shoulders.

Massage of the earlobes, neck and shoulders is very effective.

  • While sitting, you should throw your head back and straighten your back. You have to press your chin with your hand and gradually turn your head left and right. After each movement and head turn, you should hold for 15 seconds.
  • You must raise and lower your shoulders alternately and together. With each change of body position, you must hold for 15-20 seconds. You need to forcefully raise your shoulders so that they reach almost to your ears. It is necessary to rub the spine (warming) at the beginning and at the end of the filling.